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The funny thing about hate

Someone very wise once said: Hate is not the opposite of love, apathy is.

Acclimation, I think, is the cornerstone of perception as we know it. It is both the source of our remarkable ability to adapt to the most horrid conditions, as well as the source of our boredom or discontent. It is also the reason a frog will be boiled alive rather than jump out, if the water it sits in is heated slowly enough, and the reason that the world like the one of today can exist: Where people can be counted on to routinely act against their own best interests, where almost everything with real meaning has been taken away from us by those who seek financial gain, and we have been given shit in return.

Another effect of acclimation is that whatever you focus your thoughts on will form the walls of your reality. A mountain climber and someone who digs tunnels for a living will look at the same hill and experience it in very different ways, for instance. Whether you love or hate something, whatever it is gets drawn into your reality because your thoughts are occupied with it. The big similarity between love and hate then, is that they are both attractive forces, the hallmark of any strong emotion being its ability to dominate perception. It is ironic, since people hate things that they want to get away from. When you hate something, the tendency is to continuously seek a more complete definition of it, so that it can be avoided with greater efficiency. Through constant mental focus, the definition will keep growing until eventually everything is coloured by it, until the hate has consumed everything that is perceived as reality. When the focus on hate has consumed us this way, it is a lot easier to act like the thing we hate, because it has become the law of the world we live in.

It is my belief that we can only love or hate something when we recognise it, if unconsciously, as a part of ourselves. Being part of the fractal of life/nature/god, everything in it conforms to the rule of self-similarity, where even the smallest sub-parts of the whole share all the characteristics of the original, albeit perhaps with different concentrations. It would be no great feat if someone who does good things did not also have the choice to do bad things. Life, in its greatest sense, would not be remarkable if it didn't exist where there could've just as easily have been nothing.

One thing you can be sure of about people that became consumed by their hate and ended up acting exactly like their despised adversary, is that they believed that they could never become like that, and thus did not notice their actions sliding ever more toward their point of focus.

It is too easy to hate the people I continue to call the mammonites, those who seek nothing but money for the power it has over others. They are the ones who had planes flown into the twin towers before bringing them down in a controlled demolition, so that they could collect the insurance money and use their media empire to tell everyone that the culprits, the ones who are to be hated beyond reason for this atrocity, were the ones who lived where the oil is. They are the ones who arranged the holocaust so that a new state of Israel could be formed in Palestine, so that their empire could draw the benefits of a nation state. I'm not talking just about the jews and I'm not talking about the germans, though some of them may be german, and as I understand it, some may say that they are jews when it benefits them.

Sometimes the facts of their deeds line up, and I can feel the hate making rage to bubble up from some dark place. In these times it is important to remember the nature of hate and where it leads. That if you focus on it, eventually it will consume you as it did them. Most importantly, it will benefit us to remember that fear-as-hate is what enables them. It is the weakness they continue to exploit, and the only tool they have.

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  1. I was in fact struggling with some personal anger/hate issues that sprung up, seemingly out of no where and on a whim I googled: ‘I have become what I hate the most’ Your blog entry has reiterated a part of life that I have been running AND hiding from for a while. I tried a solid attempt at not being a pretentious ass of an artist, and ended up being THAT GUY!
    I do now feel as if i rule my own perception and I feel my awareness of this is what is stimulating all this hate/self-doubt. My career and means of expression just aren’t as fun as the experimental/fruitful days of youth. I long for those days and believe that detaching from that longing takes a certain amount of courage…. of which I feel I have NONE. Herein lies the problem, Learning is like burning a leaf, what’s done is done. I am far past hexing Jesus for not installing my UNDO button, but the quicker I can get out of this self-induced ‘slump’ the better!
    Thank You for the forum in which to reflect!
    Over and out!

    • Hey man, thanks for the comment.

      I’ve also been dealing with a lack of courage issue lately in that I can’t quite bring myself to doing what I aspire to. On some level I know things will be better for me if I just stop thinking about it and do it already, but still the trained mind won’t get out of its own way. I’ve been thinking that what’s important is that we’re on the right course. We’ve been on the wrong one in many ways for a long time and just because we now know it’s wrong doesn’t mean it’s going to change overnight. Eventually through reinforcement our selves and conditions will be right to take that step. That’s the theory anyway.

      What I also keep forgetting is that we’re here to have fun and that there are no grievous mistakes. It’s all just entertainment.

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