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Scum play

Now that the foreclosure fraud is breaking in the mainstream media, the exodus of managers from large banks a few months ago makes a whole lot more sense. At the time, the stampede of these managers and CEOs of large companies out of the system made a couple of ripples in the truth movement, and although the rats-from-a-sinking-ship imagery was obvious, nobody really knew what had spooked them.

This isn't an "oh dear, what happened?" or a "nobody really knows what's going on" deal. The sub-human scum that escaped with all they could steal knew what would happen next. Financial bloggers and all kinds of not completely hypnotised people have been mystified by why banks would approve loans that they knew would eventually be defaulted on. The answer, as it turns out, is profit. The people who did this are gone, beyond the reach of the system of prosecution they exploit so effectively, doing whatever it is that mammonites in retirement do. Paying for sex, probably. Now whoever was stupid enough to take over from them, much like Obama, has been left holding the bag.

There is an undeniable and rather shocking level of hate that has built up against banks, and I'm not so sure it wasn't intended. Humans, while hypnotised and near-catatonic in our dealings, are not completely dead yet. Every now and then, the truth about the ongoing theft and slavery starts to get a little too obvious and people—as much as they are still capable—start thinking about what the problem is. The scum that run this system know this, they are not completely dead yet either. They have continued their rule of this planet by feeding us something that looks like the truth, but is in reality a hollowed out shell wherein the snakes hide.

Their play in situations like this has always been Problem -> Reaction -> Solution. Go look up the history of the american feral reserve if you want proof of this. Historically, they create a problem, like, say, by printing in newspapers how some bank no longer has the capital to cover their loans. As a result, people panic and withdraw all their money from the bank in question. Then of course the bank really doesn't have any more money, and the first two stages are complete. The people are unhappy. "The thing we trusted you with don't work like you promised," they'd say, "fix it now." This is where step three comes in, the real reason the first two were executed, because if a gigantic fucking national bank were created for no reason, people might become suspicious. But if you found that gigantic privately-owned bank after some manufactured crisis, you can say that the crisis will never happen again. "You can trust us," they'd say, "we know what we're doing." Problem -> Reaction -> Solution. False flag -> National mourning -> War for oil. Control through the media is important here, and by now exceedingly easy, since if the people of today don't see something on the teevee, it didn't happen. You can tell a lot about the intended effect by what the mainstream media is and is not allowed to cover.

So one of the things you can probably expect from this Watergate remake is a gigantic oversight and regulation institution, sold to you as preventing such atrocities from ever happening again, but in fact is just another way to ensure that no one can profit who is not mammonite approved. It will probably require all banks and private institutions to pay this new institution all kinds of prohibitively-priced tributes, thereby further solidifying the old money system precept of you need money to make money. So far, the effect of the so-called financial crisis has been that the huge mammonite institutions could buy up smaller businesses and banks at bargain prices, and that will also only get worse. This is what is happening and has happened many times inside the mammonite system. Surprise, surprise, the interests of money guard the interests of money, and money is the god of this age. You have free will, even though the options you've been presented with seem more than a little one-sided. It doesn't matter to me what you do, but don't say you weren't warned.

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