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Our natural divinity

Orthodoxy as religion is a fairly ugly sentient-made blight on the fabric of reality. If you're not willing to fear and worship a jealous god who suffers from poor impulse control and needs his ego continuously inflated with offerings of money and animal sacrifices, you could very easily fall into a trap of deciding that everything in life that resembles it in some way is pure nonsense. We could very well be "just" the result of some child growing galaxies for a school assignment, but where does this theoretical child come from? I'm fairly certain that what I've heard referred to as the cosmic joke is that you will never find the end of the string of life, since there is always something more that is responsible, but also that you eventually just end up where you started again.

The idea of a god as it has been presented is one of absolute power, which in the end is a self-defeating concept since the manifestation of such a being would be dependant on certain conditions that would inherently be beyond the of control of this God person. If there is anything that can be considered an absolute truth to this life, in my experience, it is continuation by renewal. Everything else is net result. A bond through love or attraction is the only condition under which something can form where the laws of entropy would have there be nothing. Churches and the media put forth the idea that divinity is something separate from ourselves and our everyday lives, otherwise you wouldn't have anything to pay them for. You're meant to rely on some guy dressed in fancy robes who is recognised by people in even fancier robes as someone who can read and puke forth the sacred text, which itself was written long ago by people who said they were chosen by the god they just invented.

Divinity is all around us and is us in every living moment, just as every action is a note in an ad-libbed symphony. You can experience it in the trees and the wind that moves the leaves, but you can also encounter it in the most pointless creations of man. It's quite a comfort to know that no matter how far down the wrong path we go, if we choose to go that way, the life imperative will be there always, urging us on to face ourselves. It's a deep kind of trusting peace that forms when you start treating every moment as a communion with life itself. We won't be here forever and we're not in control, we were never meant to be. When you recognise love incarnate for what it is, it will smile upon you, but that doesn't mean things are going to get easy.

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  1. Yes, that’s right, isn’t it?

    The other idea is also one I share – the idea of a discontinuity is not mathematically sound. It’s continuous.

    Terri in Joburg

    • That’s weird, “mathematically sound” was in the draft of this post until I started editing with an axe and split it into two posts.

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