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False flag incoming

I should probably disclaim that whatever I write are my beliefs and deductions only. I don't expect anyone else to conform to them, and just because I criticise members of any group, that doesn't mean I'd like the global death dance to be continued against them just because some of them are not currently capable of compassion. I would certainly appreciate any lost traveller correcting my faulty reasoning where they find it. My purpose here is learning through sharing.

Arms companies receive metric fucktons of money for selling tools to commit murder, and the highest body count determines their premium offerings. Governments tax us to buy these implements at insane prices, and in return they no longer fix our roads, but fondle children at security checkpoints, just in case any of them got by the priests. When business gets slow, they execute Newton, live, in 3D, and you better eat that shit up or else you'll never work in this town again, you crazy tin-foil hatter, you. The suckers of this slimy octopus don't quite cover the whole planet yet, and that's why they just don't seem to be able to help themselves.

It's coming, it will be ugly, and I don't know how the world is going to react. It will be designed to knock us on our asses so that all capability for rational thought will bounce out of us, but I suspect it may wake quite a few people up. Others will not be able to handle the unfolding world, and either way we need to prepare for some rather rude awakenings. I've learned that people who make predictions should not provide dates, and you'll see none of that silliness here. I have no idea when it will happen, but I suspect sooner rather than later, because things are getting crazy(er) quickly. I accept that I may be completely incorrect about the entire modelling of how the world works, but it functions a damn sight better than "I'm surrounded by idiots". We're all idiots, based on how wrong we are most of the time, but sometimes experiencing the world with a blindfold provides you with new insight.

Israel seems a likely target for a false flag, or it may happen to many countries simultaneously. Chicago may get false flagged too, since a story I found on the 'net once about some guy's girlfriend identifying a nuke going off there as 9/11 2.0, through an incredibly vivid and prophetic dream, seems about as likely as anything else I've read. That, and a number synchronicity once suggested that Rahm Emanuel is the antichrist, and he is currently being positioned under that rock. Synchronicities are of course odd little things, coming up at odd times. I'm not completely convinced they have any importance, but I'll take their word over anything that comes from the anus of the monetary-dependent media.

I don't think that the interconnected protests in the arab world which started right around the December solstice are completely organic in nature, though they seem to be making the best of it. In some ways they have already provided a shining example to the rest of the world how hands can be joined for change, or at least awakening and cooperation for a start, without a lot of military spending and lending. Nevertheless, they will likely be blamed, and that old chestnut may not stand up to a second viewing.

UPDATE 2011/05/19: Added the link to the Chicago nuke dream prophesy.

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  1. Hullo Zomb,

    You don’t mind if I call you that do you? I do it merely for want of something better.

    Mate, I’ve been meaning to say for the longest time how much I’m enjoying the gig. Me, I was only ever about the writing. And certainly in amongst that is the what, but for mine of equal importance is the how, as in how well a thing is written. Sure I can plough through anything if the what is really special but the whole process is so much more pleasant if a thing is a joy to read. ‘Nuff said, I’m sure.

    Anyway what with yours truly as a paragon of inconstancy, I do hope you’ll do as I say and not as I do and (adopts slightly arch tone) ‘keep up the good work’.



    • Thanks, man.

      The flow I try to maintain is easy on the eyes (or maybe just certain kinds of eyes), but I sometimes have the tendency to be a little glib.

  2. Is that youpstonie? That’s weird. I’m all weirded out now. Um, okay… well I’ll keep it in mind when I see you round the traps. Perhaps it’s just that weird dog photo? I never did know what to make of that, ha ha. Ciao mate.

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