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Mister banker by Debt in the Boardroom

There's not much more to be said for our so-called society on life support (which you could google translate to late pre-collapse Bullshittian as "stimulus") than I have already, and I don't want to muddy the waters going over my own footsteps. The problem, in a broad sense, was that most people saw the "bad" things that happened in life as something to be avoided rather than something to be learned from. Another systemic fault, quite connected, was the idea that everything people didn't want to do would be farmed out to whoever was desperate or corrupt enough to do it. Strange that things turned out this way, because the fox promised to, for real, take good care of the hen house.

Similarly, I suspect that not much more news shall be spouting forth from this teat, because it's not news. Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq. Thanks, The Independent! Let's arrange a rally and make placards expressing our utter surprise. The fact that it made the news isn't even news, because now that the industrial-military-media-etc cabal fell off its host like ticks off a dog—sucked full of a thick fluid that looks suspiciously like crude oil—they want everyone to ignore them and lynch the idiots they installed in government. This is what happens when people listen to whoever shouts the loudest instead of employing their own abilities of determining the truth. By the way, Wikipedia says: "The adult female tick needs a large 3 day blood meal from [the host] before she can reproduce and lay her 2000 or more eggs." Yeah.

What happens from here will be individual, personal choices. Do we learn from this and enable ourselves to identify this kind of behaviour, or do we appoint a council of watchers to do it for us and thereby lose the ability altogether? Just like I can't decide that for anyone but myself, I can't decide for anyone how they will engage themselves in the decline of the current empire. What I do know is that there's a saying in my language that goes: Mix yourself with the bran, and the pigs will eat you.

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