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The true legacy of nelson mandela

The word terrorist has been corrupted to mean just about anyting that the globalist powers feel nervous about (everything), but if you're looking for the real thing, you need look no further than nelson mandela.

South Africa has for more than a week now, like much of the world, I gather, been in the grips of a 24/7 propaganda campaign whitewashing the image of mandela. They call him the father of the rainbow nation and praise him mostly because "he forgave the people who imprisoned him." The first, like the rainbow nation itself, is a mirage wholly created by the media, starting around 1994. The second is a popular statement to make of mandela, that to the aware person betrays the racist roots in the thinking that led to its creation. This statement is an important thing to point out in a propaganda campaign because it's just about the only positive thing you could say about him, even if it is a lie. Not only does it imply that every white person was responsible for his imprisonment, but it implies that things would've been much worse for white South Africans had he not forgiven us our imagined crimes against his most exulted personage. Since white South Africans have become, by law, second class citizens in the country of our birth anyway, it's easy to assume that this is a threat of actual violence.

The fact is that nelson mandela was until his death, an actual terrorist. He has admitted to mobilising bombings against civilians, and he has never renounced these violent ways. Look up the list of bombings on the 'net, because you won't be told it by the media that not too long ago lent similar support to the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Iran.

After the white government of the 90s decided to open up South Africa to globalist interests, mandela was given the country with no questions asked. He then proceeded to play oprah for the world while the country supposedly under his command started a clear decline in every area except wealth concentration. The party which he brought to power has since thrown South Africa into a pit of corruption, nepotism and incompetence that started with his reign. Our current president is most well known for getting away with rape and keeping his friends out of jail. Our murder rate has become the highest in the world. This is the true legacy of nelson mandela. This is the reason why the media needs to fill the airwaves with an uninterrupted stream of lies curoiously lacking in substance concerning this person, because they sure as shit can't tell you the truth.

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