Zombie Drive-by Liberty is earned through eternal vigilance


The opinions and deductions of a 28-year-old male South African working in the IT industry.

I like to be informed by everything, but I like to think that I have no religious devotion to any of it. If I was not capable of being wrong, there would be no reason to be here. Prefixes like "I think", "I believe" and "Experiences with illegal drugs have suggested" are left out from most of my sentences here to avoid repetition.

"I should probably disclaim that whatever I write are my beliefs and deductions only. I don't expect anyone else to conform to them, and just because I criticise members of any group, that doesn't mean I'd like the global death dance to be continued against them just because some of them are not currently capable of compassion. I would certainly appreciate any lost traveller correcting my faulty reasoning where they find it. My purpose here is learning through sharing."
-False flag incoming

"9/11 is the loose thread anyone can pull to unravel the tapestry of bullshit we've all been wrapped up in, and without such a glaring mistake I don't doubt that most of us would still be lost in uncertainty. It's something that had to happen to bring an increasingly loving and peaceful world to war, and you can admire life its elegance in bringing to the fore the unfinished garbage that necessarily has to be revealed for us to move on. WTC7 is the clear and unambiguous smoking gun of this latest in a long line of false flags, going in the face of all we're still allowed to know about the laws of physics. Get it while it's legal."
-Conspiracy reality

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